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medical devices
Medical device components

Microsystems works with
many of the leading blue chip companies providing medical components and devices for the medical industry.

We provide engineering and micro engineering solutions for both conventional and micro injection molding.

Microsystems has developed fully closed loop multi-cavity moulds that monitor and adjust melt temperatures in each cavity. This has significant benefits in terms of part quality and repeatability. These benefits are fully appreciated by our customers who require multi-cavity moulds or micro moulds for use in the medical, drug delivery, and dental industries.

Multi-cavity medical molds

Microsystems has considerable experience of design, manufacture and validation of ultra-precision multi cavity molds for use in the medical industry. Design innovation, application of knowledge driven process development, and dedicated customer support, allow us to provide high 'added-value' and to form quality long-term partnerships with our customers.

Medical micro molding

Microsystems has delivered production micromolding solutions for medical applications requiring specialised polymers such as polyetheretherketone (PEEK), Pebax, and bio-resorbable materials. Unique requirements not found in larger parts can be accommodated through innovative micromold design, the latest generation of micromachining processes, and an in depth understanding of the micro injection molding process.


read more about a micro engineering solution in dental surgery solved via micro injection molding

High aspect ratio micromolding for application in dental surgery


read more about molding of plastic 'micro-scale' components or parts that have micro-scale/nanoscale features, made possible over the last few years through developments in machining and mould manufacturing techniques.

Micromolding facilitates the miniaturisation of medical device components in plastics


read more about multi-cavity molds with 16, 32 or more impressions, a long-established method of manufacturing large production quantities of molded medical device components

Developments in multi-cavity hot-runner tooling for medical molds


read more about the processes involved in the manufacture of micro-components and micro/nano structuring of devices, driven by increasing needs for point of care diagnosis, portability and minimally invasive surgery

Micro molding and nano-structuring for medical and biotech devices

medical devicesmedical devicesmedical devices

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