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micro machining
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At Microsystems, we can machine parts with the smallest features that
you can imagine.

Microsystems uses the latest generation of micromachining equipment for micro-milling, micro-grinding, micro-EDM, and wire-EDM in temperature controlled clean facilities.

Micromachining processes are used to cut injection gates as small as 50 microns in diameter directly into hardened steel for use in micromolding. Small features on mould surfaces or micro core pins for moulds are produced using processes such as high speed micro-milling and micro wire cutting on machinery that has sub-micron positional accuracy.

In addition to micromachining for micro-mold manufacture, Microsystems carries out specialised micro-machining work for customers to produce ultra-precision bespoke components.


read more about micro-milling hardened steels and the differences between milling using large cutters (macro-scale) and milling using cutters of less than 1mm in diameter (micro-scale)

Key success factors in micro-milling of hardened steels

micro machiningmicro machiningmicro machining
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