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micro and nano technology
Micro features on a fresnel lens
Fresnel lenses

Fresnel lens mould

Microsystems are moving from micro to nano manufacturing

Micro Fresnel Lens

To give you an indication of Microsystems' true capabilities, this 4 cavity micro-mould, producing a micro fresnel lens with a diameter of 2.5 mm, will run fully automatically at a
6.5 second cycle time with
auto de-gating.

micro and nano technology – manufacturing of Fresnel Lenses with nano features

The surface features on the lens surface are between 450 nanometres and 910 nanometres deep. Microsystems has the experience in micromolding and the manufacturing capability to produce much smaller nano features. If you want to work with a design team that are into nano technology and are not afraid to undertake technically challenging projects, including nano molding requirements, do not hesitate to ask us, we would be delighted to work closely with you to develop your part or component.

Lens profile data

Lens Topography


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