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With Microsystems, you would be working with some of Europe's leading micro moulding and nano moulding technology specialists.

Our experience in micromoulding and our ability to design and implement practical solutions enables us to solve your complex manufacturing problems.

micro injection moulding, design and simulation

Our designers carry out all the design work with Unigraphics 3D solid modelling software. In addition to this, we have the full 3D moldflow analysis package. This has filling, warpage and shrinkage modules which enables us to accurately predict final part quality.

mould manufacture

Microsystems has many years experience in micro engineering and mold manufacture. We are used to working to microns tolerances and are now breaking into nano scale features. Importantly, these components with nano features are not only research projects but viable production parts. We have developed fully closed loop multi-cavity moulds which monitor and adjust melt tempeatures in each cavity. This kind of molding capability has significant benefits in terms of the part quality and repeatability.

mould validation

We have a dedicated state-of-the-art inspection facility with CNC touch propbe CMM and vision systems up to 400x magnification, all calibrated to UKAS standards in a temperature controlled environment. Our mould validation facilities are in house and include the latest generation Battenfeld Microsystem 50 micro moulding machine with class 100K clean room capability.

Microsystems has Quality Management accreditation.
ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate No LRQ 4005921/A
ISO 13485:2003 Certificate No LRQ 4005921/B


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