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polymer optics
Manufacture of optical moulds with nanometer scale features

Micro engineering and micromolding of polymer optics is one of the most challenging areas of our business.

Microsystems provide optical molding solutions ranging from multi-cavity optical molds with demanding toricity tolerances and high volume, to single cavity micro fresnel lenses with nanometer scale features.

optical inserts

Spherical, aspheric or freeform polymer optic surfaces are formed in the mould using diamond-cut inserts manufactured on an ultra-precision machine. For inserts to produce polymer micro optics with very small optical features where diamond cutting becomes impractical, Microsystems utilises special processes capable of structuring surfaces at the sub-micron level.

optical molding

Polymer optics are molded in a controlled environment on both conventional injection molding machines and dedicated micro injection molding equipment for micro lenses. In addition to design and moldmaking precision, in-depth knowledge and experience of process control is essential to meet the demands of production efficiency and product accuracy in terms of form, dimensional tolerances and surface finish.


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Polymer Micro-Optics via Micro Injection Moulding

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